About Me

Hey, I'm Ehsan. A full-time digital marketer, SEO specialist and content creator and part-time crypto investor who focuses on building businesses and creating digital content.

Who I am

Hi, I’m Ehsan. I offer SEO services and am a full time content creator. I write about write about SEO, crypto software reviews and how to make money online. In addition, I’m a part-time crypto investor, researching and investing in various cryptocurrencies. What can I say?

Ehsan samadi

I love SEO and content writing, as this is a powerful online income tool. I love seeing a spike in business site traffic. It’s one of the things that drew me to SEO and content creation.

What You Should Know About Me

  • After high school, I enrolled in Business School and continued to live paycheck-to-paycheck without knowing what the future held.

  • I knew I wanted more in my life. I tried starting my own business in 2020 in Dubai but due to COVID and me being an amateur that also failed.

  • I tried many side hustles but was disappointed every time until I started investing in crypto. Suddenly I had money and made good money as a result of that. We’re talking about a lot more than 30x returns.

  • But the problem with crypto is that today you’re rich and tomorrow you have nothing and I needed something more stable.

  • I then started a blog and took blogging and SEO courses online to learn how to rank on Google.

  • I started earning money online from SEO projects in the USA and Europe. My affiliate marketing blogs also earned me income. I continued my growth, which led me to a stable income finally.

The Full Story About Ehsan Samadi

Well, this is my story and how I became a SEO specialist, blogger and crypto investor.

I actually come from a middle class family.”

Like all middle class families, money always was a problem, and if there was plenty of money, all problems would disappear. So, from that realization onwards I promised myself that I would make a lot of money. And money shouldn’t be an issue again. I never traveled outside of my home country Afghanistan until I started college and traveled to Pakistan, India, Qatar, Oman and the UAE.

It opened up my mind and gave me a better understanding of other nationalities, and I met people from over 100 countries. Till this day I have friends from almost every corner of the world. This strengthened my belief even more that humanity always comes first and all humans are like families.

Moving on...

So, after grad school I started my own online business and launched several websites. I also tried different side hustles.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the skills to have a strong and profitable website and earn a modest living from my online business adventure.       

 After many failed attempts at trying different business ideas (and getting scammed), I finally found one that worked for me. Now I want to share my story in hopes of helping others in a similar situation.

Quick Fact:

In 2019, I began my first online business journey and failed miserably because of lack of motivation and FOMO (Fear of missing out). Now I have grown an online business from the ground up and blog full-time to help entrepreneurs and students scale up their businesses with SEO and content marketing.

This is how it all started and why I became an SEO expert and content creator…

My Success Story In 2021

2021 was a great year for me in terms of ROI (return on investment). During the course of a few short months, I’ve made so much money in Crypto that it would take an average American a year to make that much. It was all sunshine, the world was kind to me, and I was so happy looking at my TrustWallet. 

I loved the idea of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, but I knew that I couldn’t rely solely on cryptocurrency income.

I used crypto income and took online classes to learn SEO and content marketing. At first, it was challenging since I had no prior experience blogging or marketing online. But with hard work and determination, I finally made my first sale after only three months of working on my blog. 

online income

My first online income after crypto started with affiliate marketing, and I loved the idea of making money selling other people’s products.

But, affiliate marketing has not been the only source of income for me so far. I take pride in working with different businesses around the world and bringing traffic to their website and increasing sales and revenue.

I got traction from SEO software and tools reviews and earned revenue through affiliate marketing and SEO services.

Side note 

I’m still active in crypto but now I look at it as a long term side hustle and don’t spend much time on it.

And that’s how I achieved success. So if you’re looking for ways to create your own online business, I hope my story can inspire you to keep pushing forward no matter what challenges come your way.

Because with hard work and a determined mindset, anything is possible. And if I can do it, so can you! 🙂

What I Talk About ☕

How I make money online and how I can grow your business with my professional SEO Service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO has played a huge role in generating my first income online. It will help you allot in generating traffic for both your blog or your Business. 

  • Learn what is SEO and how it works
  • Learn best practices of SEO
  • Learn What is on-page and off-page SEO
  • Get introduced to top-notch SEO tools

Crypto and Blockchain

Starting out as a crypto investor can be an excellent opportunity to make money online. It is easier to learn and make your first buck online than other online earning methods like blogging and SEO.

  • Web3 and Blokchain
  • Best altcoins to invest in
  • Metaverse and blockchain gaming
  • Top exchanges for Trading and Investment

YouTube and other Social Platforms

With the internet moving more toward social media, it's essential to develop your audience on Instagram and YouTube if you want to create and sell products online.

  • Best ways to make money on YouTube
  • How to grow your Facebook page Organically