7 Best keyword clustering tools in 2023 (free and paid)

Keywords are important for ranking and managing keywords for one or two pages is easy. But, what will you do when faced with thousands of related keywords? How do you avoid keyword cannibalization (multiple pages competing for one keyword) and how will you optimize for a large number of keywords?

This is where keyword clustering comes in play.

Keyword clustering is grouping your content into related clusters or groups. Once you’ve done that you can start writing content and have better chances of ranking in your niche. 

There are dozens of free and paid keyword clustering tools available today. In this article we will review some of them.

What is keyword clustering?

Keyword clustering is a process of grouping related keywords into clusters or groups based on their semantic relevance and similarity. This technique is commonly used in search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the organization and structure of website content, as well as to identify opportunities for targeting specific search queries.

By grouping similar keywords together, website owners can create more focused and targeted content. This can improve their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their site. Keyword clustering can also help identify gaps in content coverage and provide insights into user intent and behavior.

The keyword “Digital marketing plan”, and “Digital marketing strategy”, are grouped together under the cluster “Digital marketing channels”, and another cluster “Digital marketing tools”, within the pillar topic “Digital marketing”.

Pillar topic: Digital marketing

Cluster 1: Digital marketing channels                                    Cluster 2: Digital marketing tools

Digital marketing planTools in digital marketing
What is PPC in digital marketing?Digital marketing strategy
Digital marketing plan templatesBest digital marketing tools
Is SEO a channel of digital marketingWhat are digital marketing tools

Why is keyword clustering important?

Keyword clustering is critical because it helps organize and structure website content in a more focused and targeted manner. By grouping related keywords together, website owners can create content that is more relevant to specific search queries. This can improve their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their site.

Keyword clustering can also help identify gaps in content coverage and provide insights into user intent and behavior. These insights can be used to optimize content and improve user experience. Additionally, keyword clustering can help identify opportunities for targeting long-tail keywords, which are less competitive and easier to rank for.

Keyword clustering is a valuable technique for optimizing website content and improving search engine visibility.

In a nutshell,


Writerzen is one of the finest tools for keyword clustering. Writerzen is a one-stop solution for finding related topics, searching for keywords and grouping these keywords into keyword clusters that define a connection between your content.


With Writerzen find gaps in your competitor’s content which will allow you to publish content that your rivals are sleeping on it.

With its user-friendly UI, Writerzen can make your keyword clustering experience easier. Additionally, Writerzen is packed with an advanced filtering system that allows its users to filter and store headlines, topics and content ideas.

AI content creation and plagiarism checker features are also available to ensure search engines will love your content. Keyword clustering, keyword discovery, AI content creation and plagiarism checker are significant features of Writerzen.

Overall, Writerzen is one of the most powerful tools available to save you time, money and energy.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI
  • Save time and headaches with keyword grouping
  • Please search engines for related content
  • Find gaps in your competitors’ content
  • Get ahead with AI content writer and plagiarism checker features


Starts at 39/month


Ehsan's take:

Writerzen is a powerful tool to cluster keywords. Also write AI content or check plagiarism. This tool will stand out in all three.

Keyword insights

Keyword insights is an excellent tool for anyone to take their SEO game to the next level. Upload one or more keywords and keyword insights will analyze the search engine results page (SERP’s) to generate related keywords.

keyword insights

When looking for new keywords it can be confusing whether to divide a certain topic into more sub-topics. If we had the keywords “SEO pricing packages”, and “how to charge SEO services”, would you know whether to fit both keywords on the same page, or create two pages to target each one separately?  Keyword insights with AI can scan SERP’s and suggest what keyword ranks and how to proceed.

Additionally, the tools will help find gaps in your content quickly by pulling the ranking URL of each cluster. This will help you spot clusters that are not ranking (or poor ranking).

Not only that, with keyword insights discover brand-new keywords easily, find the search intent for these keywords and create content briefs with AI.

Overall keyword insights have an intuitive UI and is an ideal option for anyone who wants to create keyword clusters, discover keywords and create content briefs. This is an invaluable tool if you want to save time, money and effort in the long run.


  • Create topical clusters
  • Has intuitive UI
  • Prevents keyword cannibalization
  • Helps with keyword intent
  • Discover new keywords
  • Find gaps in your content
  • Insights in each cluster
  • Create content briefs with AI
  • Find internal linking opportunities


$49/month – $599/month


Ehsan's take:

Keyword insights is a powerful keyword clustering AI tool with useful features and an intuitive UI.


Scout suggest: Find hundreds of related keywords with entering just a single query for free.


As you can see in the image above it produced over a hundred keywords for a single query “SEO myths”. The list is available in different categories like phrases, questions, comparison, research and alphabet.

Above that find exciting features like exploring keywords, tracking your rankings, a keyword cannibalization tool and internal linking analysis.

Free tools include Scout Suggest, Google SERP Simulator, Schema Generator, Keyword Combiner, Keyword Grouping Tool, Keyword Intent Categorizer, Keyword Density Tool, SEO Content Analysis.

Overall Seoscout is a decent keyword grouping tool along with many other tools available for free.


  • One click keyword generator
  • Categories available for different keyword groups
  • User-friendly user-interface
  • This tool is free
  • Save time and money by using this tool
  • Generate keywords based on geographical location
SEO Scout


Ehsan's take:

It is a helpful tool since it is free. The only drawback of this tool is that it does not provide search volume in keywords. And the generated keywords are sometimes off-topic.

Keyword Cupid

Keyword cupid is one of the most useful online tools for content creators, SEO professionals and website owners. You can group keywords into meaningful silos that search engines love while optimizing for your target audience.

It utilizes data from Ahref, Semrush and Google Search for accurate data retrieval.


To capture the attention of search engines and users, this tool will provide accurate search intent-optimized data. It’s also packed with live keyword data pull to stay ahead of trends and competitors.

Using the mindmap feature, you can view resulting topical clusters as visual silos and clusters that can be searched, edited, and interacted with.

Also, create reports and download them into an Excel file for maximum control. Overall, It is an essential tool for any content creator to create keyword clusters quickly.


  • Get keyword data in real time
  • Organize keywords data in visual silos and blocks
  • Create search intent optimized keyword data to boost search rankings.
  • Affordable prices that fit any budget
  • Create reports and download Excel files
  • Boost your Google search ranking


Starts from $9.99 per month

Cluster AI allows you to easily import any keyword list from Ahref, Semrush, or Google Console. It will then crawl the top 10 websites in SERP and make smarter decisions on contents that will get ranked for you.

cluster ai

The tool saves you time by delegating keyword research to team members for faster and more integrated work.

The tool also suggests NPL (natural language processing) keywords with detailed reports on keyword clusters, difficulty scores and keyword recommendations. The tool can organize your keywords directly from search results data so you can focus more on your website for higher SERP ranking.


  • Import data easily from Ahref, Semrush, Google Console.
  • Crawl first page Google search results to optimize for ranking
  • Suggest NLP keywords to boost ranking
  • Compare keywords with keyword difficulty scores and recommendations
  • Delegate work to team members.


Starts from $39 per month

SEranking Keyword Grouper

With SEranking transform your keywords into meaningful clusters with a few clicks. It allows you to segment your keywords into different clusters based on Google search results. This is so you can target your content with confidence and ease.


Enjoy a high level of SERP data and keyword ranking by using SE ranking for keyword clustering. It allows you to see which keywords of yours are listed in Google top search results. It also provides links to the top 10 websites for that particular query.

Search volume for each of your keywords in your keyword clusters is one of my favorite features offered by SEranking.

Plus, targeting by geographical location is another useful feature of this tool. Even if you’re targeting multiple locations. Pricing is also very affordable as it starts at only $0.004 per query. So you don’t have to settle for low quality free tools when affordable pricing is available to you.

Overall, SEranking is a powerful tool and has useful features to optimize your keywords and content for top Google search ranking.


  • Allows keyword organization into related themes
  • Top 10 websites ranking for a particular keyword are available.
  • Search volume feature for each keyword available
  • Location based targeting
  • Affordable prices that start from $0.004 per query.


Starts from $31 per month


Our final tool on this list is Zenbrief. It accepts keywords generated by other platforms. It will then analyze the submitted queries into related groups that relate to a master topic.


Zenbrief makes content clustering easy as it is very simple to use. It can adjust to maximum and minimum cluster sizes. The simplicity, flexibility and cost free features make manual keyword entry in Zenbrief worth it.

Zenbrief’s content briefs and content editor are also nice features. It lets you monitor your content and readability score easily.


  • Create optimized topical clusters in seconds
  • Create content briefs
  • The keyword clustering feature is free
  • Real time content depth report
  • Manage different users’ roles
  • Keep track of your work from a single dashboard


$75 to $295 per month

What is keyword mapping?

Keyword mapping involves conducting keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-impact keywords for each page, and then assigning those keywords to the appropriate pages based on their content and focus. By mapping keywords to specific pages, businesses can create a more targeted and effective digital marketing strategy that maximizes the impact of their online content.

Why do you need a keyword clustering tool?

Keyword mapping lets you create topical authority in your niche. According to many SEO experts this will help rank better in Google search results.

Plus, keyword clustering can help fill gaps in your content, avoid content cannibalization, use data from top ranking sites in SERPs and find long-tail keywords for your content. In general keyword clustering can improve user experience and drive more traffic to your website.

Why should you trust me?

I have been in the SEO industry since 2015. I know exactly what it takes to rank a website and what tools one needs on their SEO journey.

I have created dozens of WordPress websites for my business and clients in the past. I know what themes, plugins and tools to use for your website and SEO.

I have worked with many WordPress plugins and SEO tools such as Ahref, keysearch, shinerank, ubersuggest and more.

Using different SEO tools over the past years has given me the knowledge, experience and expertise to differentiate between successful and bad ones. I can recommend the best ones according to your requirements.


This article explained everything about keyword clusters from its introduction to the features of the top 7 keyword clustering tools. I think keyword clustering is a helpful SEO technique to organize your content and boost SEO traffic.

We looked through many tools and each had different functionalities and pricing. Feel free to read the article again if you are unsure of your preferred tool.

I really hope you enjoyed this article and find it valuable in comparing different keyword clustering tools. Have you used similar tools before? Please let me know in the comments below.

Anyway, this is Ehsan Samadi saying Goodbye to you. We will meet in another insightful article. Till then, have a good one. Cheers 😊

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